Founder Caroline Springs Blue Devils Basketball Club

Dory as most people in our community knew him, was an adamant lover of all sports.  Basketball in particular was a special love for Dory. Dory was never the best player on the team, but he was always on the team and the biggest supporter of the team.  Dory was always the first person in the gym and the last to leave.  Dory started playing basketball back on the tough streets of Springfield M.A, the home of the Hall of Fame for Basketball.

Dory migrated to Melbourne, Australia in 2000 and soon after began coaching his son with the Niddrie Devils founded by Rob Allen, who was also American.  Dory’s passion for basketball also included love for his hometown team, the Boston Celtic’s (NBA) and his favourite college team and our club’s namesake, the Duke Blue Devils, 

Dory and his family relocated from Niddrie to Caroline Springs in 2006, and shortly thereafter the Niddrie Devils became the Blue Devils.  Basketball had no presence in the community at the time, but it didn’t take Dory long to change that. In 2006 the Blue Devils entered 2 teams into the KBA Junior Domestic competition.  It became evident to Dory that a community of this size needed a basketball club, and Dory set out to establish basketball in Caroline Springs. 

His vision was to have kids throughout the community playing the sport he loved the most and as a direct result the Caroline Springs Blue Devils Basketball Club Inc. was officially founded by Greg Beasley and Michael McCauley, and later the Caroline Springs Basketball Association in January 2008, founded by  by Greg Beasley and Liam Wright. The basketball community is represented now by 75 junior boys and girls teams, and 46 Men’s teams. Unfortunately, Dory was not able to witness the full affect of his passion.

Theodore ‘Dory’ Hall was born April 24th 1963, and was diagnosed with bowel cancer on March 12 2007.  Mr. Hall passed away at home with his family on October 12th 2007.  His friends will always remember him as the avid sport’s lover and Founder member of the Caroline Springs Blue Devils.

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