Blue Devils fees cover the running costs of the Club, which include:

  • Hiring training venues
  • Game day court hire
  • Weekly score sheet fees
  • Registration with the KBA (includes insurance )
  • Family Day.

Please note that some Clubs collect weekly score sheet fees from parents each game day. Blue Devils Admin collect these fees prior to the commencement of each season to avoid cash handling on game day and to ensure all players pay a fair and equal amount and to ensure the Coach/Team Manager are not left out of pocket on the day if families don’t bring money with them.

Prompt payment is appreciated and keeps the Club running smoothly. Just like running a household, the Club has expenditures and without income in the form of fees, our bills to KBA and the like cannot be paid. Failure to pay fees on time, may result in late fees being applied and/or removal of the offending player from the team.


Registration and Fees are taken online (credit/debit card only)

Blue Devils Program*

  • Registration:  $315 per season (add $50 for late payment)
  • Basketball Victoria: $25 via PlayHQ.com
  • Family discount 5% 
  • Uniform – $80  includes reversible shorts and jersey
  • Replacement shorts $45
  • Replacement jersey $45

LIL Devils Program (Beginners Only)

  • Registration: $300 per school term
  • Lil Devils Singlet $29.95 


*stadium entry fees are now prepaid directly to Keilor Basketball Association in an effort to support a cashless system. 



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