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Uniform Clash Rules

Our primary uniform is Orange with blue trim. When must revert to our Blue uniforms when we play against another CS Blue Devils team only. The rule is the higher team number will wear orange and the lower team will wear Blue (eg CS Blue Devils U12-1 v CS U12-2, the 2’s would wear alternate color)

In finals the team that finished highest on the ladder wear the orange and the other team wears the blue uniform..

In Grand finals whoever highest percentage wears the orange uniform and the opposing team wears the blue.

Players sustaining an injury during the season

If a player is injured during the season, they must submit a medical certificate or evidence at the time of injury to be able to claim games to qualify.

Lodging an Incident Report

All incidents, complaints and protests must be lodged by either the coach or team manager in writing immediately following the game at the supervisor’s table (generally where entry fees are paid) or at the scorer’s table. If you are unsure please ask the referee of your game and they will advise on where to lodge the complaint or protest. If this condition is not met, the club cannot support the claim.

Incident Report

This form is for Blue Devils coaches and team managers to submit an incident report. This can be for any item related to team and club activity. A copy of this form will be sent immediately to the Club President and will not be available to the public or club members.

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Guidelines for KBA Junior Basketball Games

Team Sheet / Score Sheet

At every game each team is required to purchase a team sheet which costs $30. The club treasurer will deposit funds into the team managers or coaches nominated bank account periodically.

Print – team name, coaches name, players names (full names, no initials) and players singlet number, on front and back of score sheet. ALL PLAYERS, EXCLUDING UNDER 10 PLAYERS, must sign the back of the score sheet or each game, to qualify for finals.

If the team name or name of players have been omitted, or are incorrect, then the offending team will be penalized one(1) premiership point.

Players names may be added to the scoresheet at any stage of the game, but they must be added before the player takes the court. Only ten (10) names per team are allowed on the scoresheet.

The Game

By-law9. The game is played over 2 x 20 minute halves.
Stopping the clock: only happens in the last 3 minutes of the second half for: shooting fouls, substitutions and time outs.
No timeouts are allowed in the last minute of the first half. If a time out is in progress prior to the 1 minute mark of the first half, it will cease at the one minute point and the game will resume immediately.
2 time outs per half per team are allowed.
A player can join the game at any stage provided his/her name is added to the scoresheet, before they go onto the court.
Time allowed in the keyway: 5 seconds all under 10 and 12
3 seconds all under 14, 16 and 18
All under 10 and 12 free throws will be taken from a point in front of the normal free throw line.
Individual players are allowed 5 fouls (the 5th foul disqualifies the player from the game).
Team Fouls: after 8 team fouls, the opposition gets 2 foul shots each time the offending team (ie: the one with the 8 or more fouls) commits a defensive foul for the rest of that half of the game.
For each player out of uniform 5 points will be added to the opposition game score (numbers 00, 0, 1, 2, & 3 are not allowed). These points (maximum 30) will be added at half time by the referee.
Late game start is 1 point per minute to the opposition’s game score with these points being added at half time by the referee (maximum of 10 minutes allowed, the a walkover is declared).
The fall back rule: 10 points Girls under 10
20 points Girls under 12, 14, 16, 18
20 points Boys under 10 & 12
*not applicable for Boys Under 14,16 & 18.


Played over 2 x 20 minute halves with the clock stopping for all time outs throughout the game and all referee’s whistles in the last 1 minute of the 1st half and all referee’s whistles in the last 3 minutes of the 2nd half. Extra periods = 5 minutes with the clock stopping for all referees whistles in the last 1 minute.
Heat Policy
2 x 18 minute halves. One compulsory referee’s time out at the 9minute point in each half (clock sops at this time).

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