Respect for the Venue

We are privileged and grateful to have obtained the use of some of our local schools courts. Without them we wouldn’t have been able to grow the club to over 700 players. Court space is very limited in our community with many other sports vying for the same venues for games and training.  We must respect the venues and be mindful that we are guests with responsibility to treat the facility as we would our own homes. Players under the age of 14yrs are to be accompanied by a parent or guardian during training. 

Training Times

Training days and time vary depending on the coach’s preference and/or availability as they are all volunteers. Training is typically Monday-Thursday and can start as early as 4:30pm and as late as 8pm.   There is no training during school holidays or public holidays. 

Basic Guidelines

Coaches are to remind parents that children are not to be left unattended at the gym when the coach is not present, before or after training. All children should be collected promptly. The club bears no responsibility for children left at the gym outside their designated training hours or not in the presence of their coach.

Siblings present at training times should be supervised by their parents and are not  allowed to play in the gym foyers, nor play on the court while teams are training. The club will not bear liability should a sibling become injured during training time.

All teams are to vacate the court promptly once their training has ended so the next team may start. 

our training venues

Creekside College, The Crossing, Caroline Springs VIC 3023

Springtide College, 22-50 Becca Way, Caroline Springs VIC 3023

Caroline Springs Leisure Centre, 9-19 The Parade

Derrimut Sports Stadium,
2 Makland Drive

Lakeview Secondary College, College St, Caroline Springs VIC 3023

Sydenham Hillside Primary School-Hillside, 25 Wattle Valley Dr, Hillside VIC 3037

Sydenham Hillside Primary School-Sydenham, 20 Community Hub, Sydenham VIC 3037

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