team selecton

[Blue Devils only]

Placement into a team will only occur upon team availability and payment in full. Our aim is to have no more than 8 players per team. Exception to this policy are considered as required and in consultation with the coaching coordinator. We generally expect players to play in their respective age groups to ensure that all kids have the opportunity to play without the possibility of spot being taken by playing outside of his or her appropriate aged group. Again, exceptions to this rule may apply on case by case basis.

Why conduct Team Selection?

Team Selection aims to group players of a similar skill level together. This is because the Caroline Springs Blue Devils believes that doing so provides the best opportunities for players to develop both their individual and team skills. This also provides the best opportunity for the team to be placed in a competition grade that is both challenging and fun for all its players.


Caroline Springs Blue Devils takes into consideration the following when conducting Team Selections:

  1. Where possible, players of the same age are grouped together. This increases the chances of the team staying and developing together as they progress through the competition’s age groupings. It is important to note that skill levels may vary greatly across age groups, and that grouping players of the same age group may not be the best option in some cases.

  2. Where possible, teams that already have players of similar abilities are kept together.

  3. Special circumstances – members’ special circumstances may be considered as part of Team

    Selection. Some examples may be:

    • Siblings in the same age group

    • Players with special needs

    • Coaches and their children

Team Selection Participation

Team Selection is for players new to the club, players without a coach, players who wish to change teams, or players without a team. Coaches may also require their players to attend Team Selection

Team Selection Day

Selection Day is once per year prior to the Summer Season when the age groups change for the year. The Selection Committee and coaches will work together to conduct Team Selection Day. Players will be asked to participate in various drills, scrimmages or situational plays. As players are assessed, they will be placed into teams as follows:

  • Coach of Team 1 selects players to fill his/her team’s vacant slots
  • Coach of Team 2 selects players to fill his/her team’s vacant slots 
  • Coach of Team 3 selects, and so on…

The club has a strict no refund policy unless we are not able to accommodate placement due to too many players and no availability. We reserve the right to refund at our discretion for special circumstances.


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LIl devils

Lil Devils is a fun introduction to basketball aimed at improving motor skills, social skills and self-confidence. Each 1 hour session is broken down into 2 parts consisting 15-20 minutes of skill based training followed by a 30-40 minute modified rules game on lowered 8ft rings whereby referees serve as on-the-floor coaches. This league runs for approximately 9 weeks during or the length of the school Term. A new Lil Devils season will commence with each school term. Once a player has finished building his skills in the Lil Devils program, he or she will be ready to move up to the Blue Devils.

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