Game Fees

The club pays game fees in advance to the KBA. The score sheet fees are $35 per game.

Some team managers collect extra money each week and use the extra towards a present for the coach at the end of the season. Others find it simpler to just collect the money required each week and take up a separate collection for the coach.

Score sheet Responsibilities

Prior to the start of the game, the team manager is required to fill in the score sheet with each players name and number (ascending lowest to highest). At the conclusion the game, the team manager must ensure that all players have signed the back of the score sheet. This signature will be reconciled at the end of the season to determine which players have qualified for finals. Each player must play a minimum of 8 games (with signature) to qualify for the finals. Special consideration is made for players who have been injured, however a doctor’s certificate is required for player eligibility.

The winning team is responsible for returning the signed score sheet to the stadium attendant after all players have signed the score sheet.

Scoring Roster

The team manager will create a scoring roster for the parents of their respective teams. Therefor the scoring responsibility is shared and fairly managed, so that the same person is not doing it each week. Each team is must provide a scorer to manage either the clock or score sheet. If any parent is unfamiliar with the how to score, then it is the parents’ responsibility to sit with the family scoring the week prior. If they are unable to perform their duties on their scheduled week it is their responsibility to swap with another family with at least a weeks notice. The club will conduct periodic education sessions to assist those who are unfamiliar with the process.

Player Registration

 Team managers should always consult the Coaching Coordinator or Team Placement Coordinator before notifying a new player of a place in any team. The team manager should under no circumstance collect money from any players and should direct the player parent or guardian to the treasurer for any payments. All contact details are available on the website A player transferring from another club will require a KBA Clearance and must complete with our team placement coordinator.

Uniform Clash

Our primary uniform is Orange with blue trim. When must revert to our Blue uniforms when we play against another CS Blue Devils team only. The rule is the higher team number will wear orange and the lower team will wear Blue (eg CS Blue Devils U12-1 v CS U12-2, the 2’s would wear alternate color)

Walkovers & Forfeits

If a team does not appear with four eligible or ineligible players within ten minutes of the scheduled starting time, then that team has given a walkover. The opposing team is awarded a 10-0 score. A walkover incurs a fine, so every effort should be made to play a forfeit match rather than declaring a walkover.

  • Notified walkovers will incur a monetary penalty equal to the cost of that team’s share of the score sheet. After three (3) such walkovers in any one season the team may be disqualified. To be? a valid notified walkover, the team giving the walkover must do so prior to 8pm on the Wednesday before the scheduled game. Please notify the club secretary as per contact details on the website.


Forfeit games occur when a team plays an ineligible player. A team without four eligible players may FORFEIT the game by noting, on the score sheet, that it has used an ineligible player to make up the numbers to at least four, so being able to make up a team to play the game and thus avoiding a walkover. Such a game counts for premiership points. Forfeit game scores stand unless the forfeiting team wins, otherwise the score will be recorded as a 2-0 win to the opponents. Zero (0) premiership points shall be awarded to the offending team. In forfeit games normal playing fees apply.

Team/Club Notices

The team manager will generally provide each player via email a weekly announcement regarding the game details (fixture, ladder) inclusive of game time and playing venue. The team manager can obtain these details from the Blue Devils Club Home on the KBA website link: CLUB SEASON FIXTURE

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